Personal shopper

Often we find people who want to use more flashy or fancy clothes but they do not use it because they do not find the occasion. There is always someone who has clothes hanging in the closet but never used and on the other side are those that go shopping stare clothes of satin, velvet, etc, but discarded the idea thinking that have no chance to wear it.

However, our experience as image consultants, we know that the opportunities have to  be create by us, do what is known as a “mix & match”, which takes not to go with everything “game”, but combine textures, styles or colors. The bottom line is that we should not limit our tastes the most widely used is not to go all “macth”, but to combine textures, styles or colours, mixed between something formal and informal, etc.

The bottom line is that we should not limit our tastes, Ornaments & Crime teach you how to get it.


“Tristan” (personal shopper service with or without client) is perfect for those who want advice on shopping or, who prefer to entrust them with confidence in Ornaments & Crime

Make an interview previously to set the service, the route to follow and the plan of the day.

Furthermore, this service is an original gift, with which to surprise a special guest or a friend.

Shipping or delivery costs are charged separately

+ Optional break for a snack

“El Lenguaje de Goethe” (new shopping routes) Especially for all those who want to discover new stores and alternative routes, tailored to your needs and lifestyle, learning to shop smart and fashionable.

Route Classic, Vintage-Retro Road, Route Lolic Gotic, Avant Garden Route, Route Luxury, Romantic Road, etc.

Before doing an interview and then fixed the route to follow

+ Optional break for a snack

“The white walls of Zion” (purchase of season) For patrons in Ornaments & Crime, who want a complete continuous advice and entertainment, image, style and shopping.

Analysis includes Wardrobe, Personal Shopper 3 hours and Personal Documentation.

The seasons are winter (October to March) and summer (April to September).


“The Symphonies of Beethoven”
 (buying gifts). For those who want advice on buying a gift or that prefer us to do with confidence in Ornaments & Crime. Before doing an interview where he set a target of the service, budget and other details