Fashion tour

Luxury Route. The expression of good taste with style, personality and ultimate luxury . Hand made shoes, clothes fitting your figure, exclusive collections. A trip for the most exclusive shops in town.

Vintage & Retro Clothing . The term “vintage” comes from the English “old” that related to different aspects of wine fields, today we use it to refer about something with history.
Why buy vintage and retro? Because they are unique pieces that no one else will. It is almost impossible to find two pieces alike. It’s fashion with stories that we do not know but that allows to imagine and live.

Buying vintage is an investment. If it is a special piece and is well preserved, will increase its value over the years. Our specialty is to find vintage items in the shops.

Romantic Road. A travel by the most sublime and delicate shops of Barcelona, where you will find clothes that make us dream and envelop us with his magic.

Avant Garde Road. Especially for all those who want to discover new shops, who like young designers or they please to try small collections that are not part of the mainstream and alternative routes to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Children. It is ideal for all those who face daily with the dilemma of dressing children, not knowing what to wear. We take you shopping to acquire the clothes you need for the little one of the house.

Route Urban Tribes. All the information you need to have the look of fashion street (Loli Goth, Steampunk, Visual , Heavy Metal, Decora, Floggers , Dark , Shibuya Gal, etc. )

We will provide you a fabulous shopping experience with sites that have specially chosen for you based on your profile.

**Optional break for a snack

**Chauffeur service to see prices